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Moving Forward

It's been a has gotten in the way.

Chronic illness, two moves, childrens' needs, extracurriculars, and LIFE.

It's amazing how it will eat you alive if you allow it to, if you don't tell it " cannot do that."

For two years, roughly, I've done just that. I've let it consume me, chew me up, and spit me out like a piece of fat.  It hasn't been easy, and there are certainly people who have greater struggles than our own, but suffice it to say, I had to stand up and say, "No. You cannot do that. Enough is enough."

We have said no to many things. We've said no to:

-competitive dance team for my daughter. She likes dancing, but doesn't love it. And if you don't LOVE it, I won't force you to keep doing it. Especially considering this year, we were looking at a weekly commitment of 3-4 nights of practices at 2+ hours a pop each. She was upset at first, but since summer has begun, she's had the chance to…

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