Discipline. We all know what it means. But since Mr. Webster is my friend...I thought I'd provide you with the definition of discipline.

According to Merriam Webster, there are 6 definitions of discipline. They are, in order:

1: punishment
obsolete : instruction
: a field of study
: training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character
a : control gained by enforcing obedience or order
b : orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior
c : self-control
: a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity
(Source: www.m-w.com)

I think focusing on definitions 3, 4, 5c, and 6 are most apropos for the conversation we are about to have. But first, I have a confession to make: I am not disciplined. Not.at.all. I expect my children to obey me without question when issued an order, or are asked to do something. Me? Not so much. Those socks in my laundry basket? They have been there for MONTHS. We just pick from the basket. (Mom, if you're reading, I know, I know...you're cringing and you'll probably scold me when I see you next, but I really just HATE FOLDING SOCKS!!!)  Piles of random paperwork? Check. My "piling" habits drives my husband bonkers. But I keep doing it, much to his chagrin.

Sure, I'm great if I have something outside the home to do - I'm teaching some couponing courses right now, and my planning for those is stellar. I know what I want to say, cover, etc. But INSIDE my house? That's another story. Sure, I have two young kids. It may be a bit messy occasionally in the evenings because of the toys and all the play that has happened. My house is sanitary and clean. But the random stuff? Nope. Not even close. It gets pushed off, forgotten, neglected. My family deserves my best. I deserve my best!!!

So how can we apply the above definitions to our lives? Do we go read a bunch of self help books on organization and self improvement? Sure, you can...but they're not going to FIX the problem. They're just tools to help you fix that stinky ol' problem. But what IS the problem? 

As Crystal Paine says in her 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life ebook, it's me. I'M the problem. Cute, curly haired, little ol' me. I'm my own issue. (Dang it...glad I got those self help books from the library and didn't spend anything on them!) But how on Earth do I fix me!? 

Crystal's book isn't going to fix things overnight; it is 21 days after all. It will take a while to chuck those old habits, and learn new ones. But I can guarantee you that she'll walk you through what needs to be done to learn that new habit, and chuck the old ones. Little by little, bit by bit. 

Right now, I'm offering a free copy to the first 5 readers to comment with their greatest discipline struggles by the morning of October 26 - the ebook is only $.99 until then, and after that, it will go up to $4.99 (which, if you've followed Crystal's blogs or read her other ebooks, you know that this will be a great item to purchase!! And trust me...if you IMPLEMENT the suggestions in each day, you WILL see change.  (Please note, I was provided a free copy of this ebook to preview, and links to the item are my affiliate links.)


  1. Oh wow, just one discipline problem?? Let's see....my biggest right now is making myself exercise. I feel great once I do it, but it's hard to push myself to start!!

  2. Keeping flat surfaces clutter-free is mine!

  3. My greatest discipline struggle is getting up in the morning with enough time to read God's Word, BEFORE the kiddos get up.... all alone....just me and my Bible. :)

  4. My disicipline issue ( the worst) is not grabbing the T.V remote and watching a series all day! I have things I want and need to get done but don't because I'm having issues saying NO! Get to work, don't pick it up cause in my head I know I can't just watch one 40 minute show.... Ha sounds like a food commercial! That one show turns into two then three and then before I know it I have only 1-2 hours to do while house, and dinner before the hubby gets home which turn into I get nothing else done, no sewing, no canning sigh! Ahhhhh I need to get this resolved! Can one of you gals boot me in the behind every morning, I need a little angel on the shoulder to smack me!!! He he ;)

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