Never Say Never

Today, I realized something while making binner for my kids. (What's binner, you ask? Breakfast + Dinner = binner. Otherwise known as, Mama's making pancakes, sausages, and fruit because she doesn't feel like cooking...)

After I enjoyed two nice homebrews yesterday, I said I wouldn't have any beer or wine the rest of the weekend.

I said I'd never have kids.

I said I'd never have credit card debt again.

I actually say a lot of nevers, all the time. And they're always subject to change. For example...I mentioned I made Binner for the kids tonight while the Hubster stepped out in search of a certain type of beer: we brew our own, and he wanted a professionally done version of what we brewed last night, for comparisons' sake. Whilst flipping hoecakes for the kids, my son says to me in his sweet little voice, "Mama, thank you for making this dinner for me. I love pancakes. Thank you for making dinner." When you say things like that, how could I possibly say no?

However, in the interest of full disclosure, yep. We have some credit card debt to pay off. Granted, I know a lot of people do. And I'm not a Dave Ramsey junkie like so many out there; yes, it's best to have as little debt as possible, I won't dispute that. But to not use credit cards at all if you are responsible with them? Thing is...we let things get away from us. It happens. LIFE happens. It is NOT realistic to expect to pay for your first house in cash - it IS realistic, however, to have enough cash for a hefty downpayment.

I never said I'd be a stay at home mom - those chicks waste their time!

Yeah. Right. I have multiple degrees, and I'm working on a double masters' degree right now  - it will be a few years yet before I'm completely done, defending my thesis, taking my comprehensive final, etc. But for now, this is okay. This is perfect. I do what I want, I write what I want, and I work when I want - I can work part time while my kids are at preschool, and operate my cleaning and dog walking business. I am my own boss.

Life is full of nevers...and smashing those nevers to bits is one of the best parts of life!


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