Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Are you looking to cut costs?

Cutting costs seems to be a consistent catch phrase, regardless of the decade. Families constantly seek to provide for themselves what they need and what they want, for less.

Having started beginning to raise a family right before the Recession hit, my husband and I weren't immune to this mentality. We had two children smack dab in the middle of the Great Recession. We even bought our first home mere months before that October day in 2008, and are still in that 2 bedroom home. It is inexpensive, and while our children still share a room in a home that we intended to move out of within a year, we still reside here because it is affordable, and allows us a small bit of freedom in our budget.

One thing that has kept me on track all these years is using coupons and shopping sales. I am able to feed my family the way I prefer, while allowing for special treats from time to time. I am able to spend merely pennies sometimes on things we need and use often, such as sunscreen, cleaning products, and laundry products. I am able to buy organic occasionally because I am able to save on staples that I've purchased inexpensively.

Learning how to coupon was never an issue for me; my mother taught me when I was a young child, so I grew up thinking everyone couponed, everyone knew how, and that it was normal! It wasn't until I started meeting new mom friends that I realized this is a skill that not everyone possesses, or even knows how to begin doing on their own!

As couponing has changed, and has adapted to our digital age, even an old dog like me can learn a few new tricks! Websites, e-courses, and online classes have all been a boon to my 'continuing education.' Grocery University is no different - I purchased it once on sale, and adored it then. Now, it is redesigned, and being offered at a sale price!

If you are interested, you can click the banner - not only will you receive a valuable education, you will learn a skill that can be passed down to your children, to other friends, and family.

**As an affiliate of Grocery University, I do receive a small commission for your purchase, and want you to know that ahead of time. That being said, I would endorse this product whether I received compensation or not - everyone should have access to this wonderful resource!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Survival Mode? No way!

It's been a while since I've had a chance to blog. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've gotten bogged down in life, and literally have lived in a state of survival mode since last October. Ugly things have happened - depression, a diagnosis of diabetes, leaving a job for a new one, job loss...it hasn't been easy here.

So I did what any "supermom" would do - I set it on cruise and shifted into Survival Mode. And let me tell you; that's not a fun holding pattern to be in. I hoped and prayed that things would change...I tried and tried, but it all stayed the same. It was pretty yucky, if you asked anyone in my house. It was downright ugly sometimes dealing with a new Type 1 diabetes diagnosis in one of my beautiful, darling children. Watching this child struggle with his new normal has been heartbreaking for us; trying to get him the best care possible isn't hard where we live...but it is time consuming. Worth it, but an hour to the hospital clinic, an hour or more at the clinic, and then an hour back, at least once a week? Tiring, to say the least.

Then, my friend Crystal had exciting news: she was releasing a new book, "Say Goodbye to Survival Mode". I cannot express how excited I was to see her publish a second book...nevermind that it is being released on January 21st, yours truly's birthday! I applied to be part of her launch team, and voila! I am a part of it. I get to help change someone's life from survival mode to LIVING in grace!!!

I received a promotional copy for my thoughts and consideration, but I won't lie...I bought a copy anyway. A PAPER copy...not a Kindle copy. PAPER, I tell you! A real, live book! (Those of you who know me know this is a huge deal, as I like to use my Kindle to hide my book addiction from my husband...who already knows of said addiction but pretends occasionally to be surprised by it anyway).

Anyhow...you really need to read this book if you are struggling with slowing down,with creating margin in your life, or even with the ability to say no. Crystal is raw, she's honest, and real. She's been there, and gets it. It spoke to me in a way most self help books haven't in the past - her experiences weren't abnormal, and her outcomes weren't unattainable for the average (real) mom.

So get ready ladies...say goodbye to survival mode! Say hello to LIVING!