It’s here!  I cannot contain my excitement!

Today, Lauren’s book, The Recovering Spender, is finally being released!
You see, we all have a little spender in us. Whether it is that craft beer, dinners out, clothing…everyone has something that trips them up.  Lauren knows. She’s been there. $40,000 in debt been there!

What I loved the most about the book is that she addresses “triggers”. I often joke that I black out when I go into Target. I have the best intentions; I go in, clutching my coupons and my deal scenario, and walk out with $300 worth of items that I have no idea how they got in my cart!  According to the book, Target is my trigger! 

That being said, I love that she addresses getting out of debt and addressing being a spender as a 12 step program – spending is an ADDICTION! Being the spender in my family, this resounded with me. I’m hurting my family by not staying “within my fence” as Lauren discusses in the book.  As someone who is trying to pay down debt myself, I have so much HOPE now after reading this book.

I’ll be posting more today about the book, but if you are looking to get out of debt, give this book a look. For $10, it is a great investment, and you receive $75 in freebies from Lauren to help you on your path to being debt free. 


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