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I'll admit it...I love Why?

I live in a rural area. At least, my village is classified as rural: there are only 4800 of us, village and outlying township, combined. We live thirty minutes from the nearest mall, and an hour from downtown Milwaukee. Granted, that isn't far compared to some parts of the country. But when you factor in having to load my two darlings, their sippy cups, their diaper bag, snacks, the pillow pets, the singamajigs, army guys, and all their other gear into the car, the hour long drive becomes almost a two hour adventure, one way.

As a weekly feature, I'll be sharing the items that I'm loving at present. Some of them, I've owned for a while. Some, I discovered thanks to another mom-blogger and want to pass the good word on. And some of them...I want to share because they're just awesome. Enjoy!

The first is the Bissell Lift off vaccuum. I don't have pets. I don't need them; I have kids. I also own a condo that has the main living areas on the second floor, and in the basement rec room. I'm only 5'1. I like to work out (I'm a Beachbody coach...ask me sometime!), but lugging a vaccuum up two flights of stairs isn't my idea of a workout. This vaccuum solves that issue. And hey, it empties easily, and filters are cheap. Rock on!


  Okay, I've linked to this one before. I own it on an e-reader, and I have to admit that I'm falling in love with Liana Krissoff. No goofy tasty pickles; in this book, and no random jams made of a fruit that hasn't been cultivated in twenty years. She groups her recipes by season, which is very nice for the novice canner, but also for those of us who lack imagination. I especially love her Green Apple Pectin recipe; why buy boxed pectin, and use all that extra refined sugar, when instead you can use green apples for pectin, and make spreads, fillings, and other preserves that are healthy for you? Check it out today.

                    The Tudors. My most recent obsession. It's been hot, too hot to play outside. I need something beyond Jerseylicious (sorry, Olivia!) to stimulate my mind. While this isn't the most historically accurate portrayal of Henry the Eighth (I am...I am...), it's incredibly lush. The CGI isn't the greatest, but the acting is superb, and the costuming is gorgeous. Just don't watch it if you're susceptible to the power of suggestion; I find I drink more wine when I watch!


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