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I hope you come to read knowing that I love books. If the blog name doesn't give it away, or the library book header,'ll catch on soon enough.

We love books in this house. The Preschooler has discovered the Tag Junior book pal reader and early phonics; he's spending more and more time with a book and that little gadget on his own, perusing books, getting lost in worlds beyond, and then relating them to me in the evening while I make dinner. Nevermind that he's speaking so quickly that I don't always catch everything that happened in Preschool Imagination-land. :)

My husband and I are both readers; always have been, always will be. Recently, I cleaned out and reorganized our basement crawl spaces (yes, we have two...lucky me. Double the spiders.Yay.), and counted the books we have between just the two of us. I came up with seven-hundred and fifty books, give or take a few dozen as I was in the basement and in no mood to climb, dust-covered and full of dead spiders, up two flights of stairs, to our bedroom. That doesn't include the kids' books. Suffice it to say; we have a lot of books.

But, being the good librarian I am, I will never, ever stop using my local library. My taxes help fund it; and it is a center of knowledge. I can get so much more there than just books; I can locate ancestors, put my head together with another information professional on how to do this, that or the next thing, I can plan a vacation, attend childrens' programs, or even sign my husband up for a program to get him out of the house and out of my hair for a night when he's stir crazy in the middle of winter. We always find great materials, every time we go.

Today, we came home with a sack of books that I think weighs more than both of my children do, combined. A new favorite of both kids is a Rosemary Wells book entitled, Ruby's Rainy Day. I absolutely adore Max and Ruby (seriously, I don't know of many other childrens' characters that are cute AND non-irritating. I'm looking at you, Calliou.), and this book is no different. It is a short little board book, perfect for a wiggly Toddler who loves books but can't stay in her Mama's lap for more than ten pages right now, and offers material for a Preschooler who is starting to reason out the whys and wherefores of book plots.  This book was no different: the Preschooler has been learning all about helping his sister (he's got the 'helping' in general thing down, but now he's also turning into a big brother - good and bad!), and it fostered a nice little discussion about why we help our brothers and sisters.

Not to mention, I found it hidden under his bed when I just went to check on him. I think it's a winner. :)

More on what I'm reading tomorrow!


  1. Love it! You are an awesome writer and I can't wait to read what's next. Keep it up!! :)


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