A post in which I encourage your child to read...

I admit it....I love books (what librarian/information science professional doesn't?). My husband loves books too. And our 3 year old is discovering how fun playing pretend, imagining, etc are when we have a book to read. He's getting to the point where he "reads" books to us, and I love what he comes up with.

This is where I'll admit I also love technology. :)

I decided this week to get him a Tag Junior reader. But *gulp*...the books aren't cheap! Being the coupon nerd I am, I thought, "I'll wait on this, and look to see if I can find a few coupons on coupons.com or somewhere on the net. There HAVE to be some..." And there are. But there's also something better than cheap with a coupon....

FREE!! So go sign up for a free Tag Jr or Tag book from Leapfrog. Let's encourage our kids to read...both with us, as well as on their own!


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