Book recommendation

I'm super excited about grad school this semester. I'm in my last semester, and am taking my comprehensive final (to prove that I really DO know what I'm talking about. Or...that I can regurgitate what has been thrown my way for the last five years...take your pick. ;) ). As such, I decided that this semester was going to be a "fun" semester for me. Meaning, I wanted to take a few classes that would help me professionally, but would allow this Nerd to nerd it up as much as possible.

In my field (library science), that's dangerously close to IA and Cataloging/Classification. Most professionals I know embrace their, um, nerdery (is that a word?)? Information scientists/librarians/information architects love to organize. And as such...we complicate things. A LOT.

But not Steve Krug. As a librarian, this book is an excellent read. As a blogger, it will be my lifeline. Read it!


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