Menu for February 6th through the 12th

Happy Sunday, everyone!

First, I want to congratulate the Packers on their Superbowl victory - it was a great game, and even though I really don't understand footbal, it was fun watching my state's team with the championship. Great job, guys!

That being said, we had a great Superbowl party with friends, replete with many of the foods that most folks look forward to at get-togethers. left my fridge FULL of leftovers. So full, in fact, some got wrapped up and put in the freezer for another day. And some, well, they're wrapped up and hanging out in our garage on a shelf - living in Wisconsin DOES have its perks: you have a really nice fridge/freezer combo about five months out of the year!

The menu for this week is as follows, but as always, is subject to change.


cold cereal
oatmeal pancakes
eggs and fruit
yogurt and granola

peanut butter and jelly with fruit
sandwich wraps (hummus, lunch meat, lettuce, tomato, cheese)
homemade chicken nuggets with raw veggies
pizza with salad
grilled cheese

leftover chicken and swiss casserole
Spaghetti with meatballs, Italian green beans, and Italian bread
Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, and apple slices
Turkey stir fry with white rice and fruit on the side
Pizza with salad

cheesecake (I make my own, every once and a while...)
peanut butter blossom cookies
Rice krispie squares
Chocolate chip cookies

I'm sticking to a simple, easy-peasy menu this week - we've got a busy week ahead of us since we'll all have to play catch up after last week's blizzard (or Snowmageddon, Snowmygosh, or Snowpocalypse...whatever you wish to call it!), and also because the Hubster works the later shift at his office, so he won't be home till 6:15 or so. The Preschooler and the Toddler don't really appreciate culinarily adventurous foods sometimes, so I'll keep it super simple.

What are you making?


  1. I am fanatic and am always looking for yummy meatloaf recipes because there are so many out there! Do you have a special recipe for your meatloaf that you would be willing to share? Thanks!


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